This is part of a longer EPK I produced/directed for Sony artist and American Idol finalist Casey James. This song, “Drive” is off of his first album.

Had a lot of fun shooting with Casey. We thought it was going to be a nice, sunny day outside, but turned out to be almost freezing rain…so we had to improvise! After lunch, Casey and I hopped in the GTO and drove around Lebanon, TN to grab all of the footage of him driving the car….we only had about 10 minutes, so we had to make it count. The shot of the barn where he pulled the car into was located directly behind the garage where we shot the performance.

Director: Jeff Venable
DP: Mark Cowart
B-Cam & Camera Asst: Chris Adams
DIT & Camera Asst: Hunter Curry
Audio: Jeremy Mazza
P/As: Josh Ritchie and Mitch Miller

(C) 2012 19 Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Sony Music Nashville